Fifth Season Cooperative is Wisconsin’s full-service, local food broker serving Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis, and everywhere in between – providing convenient, year-round access to local food. Foodservice managers, restaurant owners and chefs access local food and establish relationships with the folks who grow it – all through Fifth Season.

Fifth Season’s sustainable, local product line is aggregated from within 150 miles of Viroqua, Wisconsin, our home base, and includes more than 130 products…a full line of quality fresh, frozen and specialty items.

Fifth Season Frozen Blends

Fifth Season’s Winter Moon Blend and Wisconsin Potato Fusion are sustainable, local, delicious and now available for order through any of our distributor members or directly through Fifth Season Cooperative!

Our Producers and Processors

Our products are grown and processed within a 150 mile radius of the Viroqua, WI area which includes markets and products produced in Madison, Eau Claire, Dubuque and Rochester.