A multi-stakeholder cooperative

supporting a sustainable regional food system


Fifth Season’s Mission

To produce, process and market healthy, local foods in our region by supporting the values of environmental, social and economic fairness for all.

Fair, Local Foods For All

Growing Beyond the Farmers Markets & CSA

Every purchase of a local Fifth Season product supports food diversity, fair wages and assures that no one stands alone in the local food marketplace.

Fifth Season Cooperative Provides

  • Centralized coordination to move local food into regional institutional & retail markets

  • Access to markets through large scale distributors for small to medium size farmers & processors

  • Liability insurance for farmers and processors to obtain broadline distribution

  • Product & member traceability for food safety regulations & industry requirements

  • GAP and HACCP training, as well as audits, for all farmer and processor members

Join us as a producer, processor, distributor or buyer member!

Our Vision

We are rooted in sustainable methods which produce nutritious, high quality food. The true cost of food takes into account ecological stewardship, quality of life and growing nutrient rich foods.