Local, sustainable, no spray, no antibiotics

Fifth Season sells a full product line of 130 local items including meats, dairy, fresh produce, dry goods and frozen products. Buyers and distributors trust Fifth Season to provide sustainable, stand-out, diverse, local food with traceability, backstory and usage tips for every product.

Fifth Season products are available through prime vendor; can be ordered online through this website; ordered through and enjoyed at Midwestern restaurants, schools, universities, hospitals and more.

We have defined the words “Local” and “Sustainable” stating our values which guide our way of doing business.


Local Defined

Our definition of local is a 150 mile radius of the Viroqua, Wisconsin area which includes the markets and products produced in Madison, Eau Claire, Dubuque and Rochester.


The Fifth Season Cooperative cares for the Earth and for our communities. We support economic, environmental, social, and the nutritional well-being of the region we live in.

We promote food that is raised or processed…

  • With conservation practices in place focusing on preservation of land, water, and air.
  • Following a bio diverse model. (field and crop rotation, minimal or no use of chemical pesticides)
  • With animal welfare at the forefront; treating animals humanely by allowing stock to carry out their natural behaviors.
  • And is economically viable for farmers, ensuring farmers are paid a fair wage.
  • And is socially just; allowing workers to be paid fair and competitive wages and benefits, providing a safe environment and proper living conditions.

Processed Food Products

  • Business operating within the Fifth Season region
  • Animals/animal products raised/produced within the Fifth Season     region
  • Sustainable policy in place
  • Certifications as required: FDA, USDA, State Certification, 3rd Party Food Safety Audited

Value Added Products

  • Processed in a licensed facility within the Fifth Season region
  • Certified recipe(s)
  • Sustainable policy in place


  • Grown within the Fifth Season region
  • GAP audited by the cooperative office for farm/food safety
  • QA audited by the cooperative for distribution requirements
  • Grown within the Fifth Season region

Additional Acceptable Accreditation:
USDA Organic Certified, True Earth Certified, SCS Certified, Healthy Grown®, Protected Harvest Certified, Demeter Biodynamic Certified


  • Grown within the Fifth Season region
  • Processed by a processor member
  • Not treated with added hormones or non-therapeutic antibiotics
  • Field raised with access to outdoor pasture

Additional Acceptable Accreditation:
AGA Grass-fed Certification, USDA  Organic Certified, Food Alliance Certified Grass-fed, Animal Welfare Approved