Our Producers

Austin’s Rush Creek Farm

Owned and operated by Brian and Carolyn Austin. They both grew up on farms, Brian on a hog and beef farm in northern Illinois and Carolyn on a dairy farm near Rising Sun Wisconsin. They both left the farm earlier in their lives and joined the rat race of the manufacturing world, living near Rockford, Illinois.  All the while, their love of the farm life was calling.  In 1997, Brian and Carolyn purchased the farm that has been in Carolyn’s family since 1853, and embarked on a long-term plan to raise their children and move to the farm. In 2009, they quit their hectic jobs and moved to their farm.  “We now live the life of our dreams,” Brian says. The couple is the 6th generation to own and work this beautiful soil. “We are fortunate to be located in the heart of the Driftless Region, and we are dedicated to sustaining the natural beauty and richness of our land, continuing the loving care it has received for over 150 years.” At Austin’s Rush Creek Farm, says Carolyn, “we grow produce using natural methods. We offer a variety of vegetables and berries. We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We enrich our soil with natural organic matter. Our focus is on providing quality produce to local customers. We believe that a strong local economy is key to a healthy, fulfilling life.”

Harmony Valley Farm

Harmony Valley prides itself in growing the finest, high quality organic produce. Beyond that, our repertoire includes some very special and unique crops and varieties. We often find ourselves in the position of introducing a variety to our customers for the first time. Harmony Valley is a family owned, diversified farm with over 30 years of experience producing high quality, organic vegetables and berries. We are located in an isolated valley in southwestern Wisconsin. Our vegetables are grown and harvested with care and immediately cooled and kept refrigerated. All of our products are certified by the Midwest Organic Services Association. This is your assurance of high quality, nutritious, flavorful food produced in a system which does not compromise the farmers or the environment.  Our crops encompass a wide variety of standard and specialty vegetables and berries. We are best known for our season long, high quality salad mix, sauté greens and spinach. We are dedicated to organic farming and believe strongly that it produces the highest quality, best tasting food while protecting the quality of our water and wildlife.

Kickapoo Beans and Greens

Hugh Harper and his wife have been cultivating asparagus since 2008. Their asparagus fields sit atop the rolling hills of the Kickapoo basin in Readstown, Wisconsin.  “I love growing such a delicious, hearty vegetable.” says Hugh, “it’s a reward in and of itself.”  Kickapoo Beans and Greens use no chemicals in their growing process, and believe in sustainable methods of production. Their asparagus patch has grown to 19,000 crowns over four years’ time. “And we’re not done yet!” says seventy year-old Hugh.

EZ Farming

EZ Farming is an organic and biodynamic farm located near Viroqua, Wisconsin. The family operated farm is owned by Brian Wickert and his sons Erick and Zeke, the basis of the farm name EZ Farming. They grow a variety of vegetables from garlic to squash and raise grass-fed Pinzgauer beef. “How a vegetable is grown should matter to everyone.” says Brian Wickert. “It’s a matter of taste and health.”

Green Pastures Farm &Sugar Maples

The Bontreger family farm produces the finest free-range chicken, organic certified eggs and Maple syrup in the Driftless Region. Green Pastures eggs have achieved an “Exemplary” rating from The Cornucopia Institute. Alongside their poultry products, the farm offers organic certified Maple Syrup, processed onsite and sold in multiple-sized containers. “From happy, free-range chickens, come truly delicious eggs.”

Second Cloud on the Left Farm

“Welcome to Second Cloud on the Left Farm, located high atop a ridge in the Driftless where the sky meets the soil.” says Toril Fisher.  Second Cloud on the Left is located in La Farge, WI. The farm team is multi-generational; Drew & Toril Fisher and Toril’s parents, John & Marcia Booker.  The farm utilizes a high tunnel growing space, as well as field production. They specialize in growing rare and heirloom produce in the heart of the Driftless region of SW Wisconsin, making every effort to maintain fresh, healthy food for future generations and overall planetary health.  “Oh, and we are lovin’ every minute of it!!!”

Hill and Valley Produce LLC

Hill and Valley Produce is a producer group located in the hilly terrain of Hillsboro WI. The combined efforts of 22 Amish family farms provide local, sustainable produce for Organic Valley, Fifth Season, and Goodness Greenness, among others. Though a family orientated business, Hill and Valley members understand their responsibility for producing safe and healthy foods. Steeped in organic practices, this producer group coordinates the harvest in a newly built and audited packing and cooling facility nestled within the reach of all its members. The best of both worlds, Hill and Valley Produce provides excellent quality produce and superior quality assurance.

Organic Valley/CROPP

If a company is going to make a difference in today’s world, it’s going to have to think differently. At Organic Valley, our philosophy and decisions are based on the health and welfare of people, animals and the earth. We’re a mission-driven cooperative, owned by family farmers, and we’ve been leaders in organic agriculture from the very beginning. The produce pool is the origin of Organic Valley / CROPP Cooperative, with its roots in pooling production from family farms to collectively access the larger marketplace. Our produce program has matured into a vibrant group of cooperating farmers who proudly produce the highest quality organic vegetables. There is a rapidly growing demand for organic foods, and the greatest portion of the organic marketplace is in produce. Organic Valley/CROPP works to provide for that marketplace.

Shady Maple Acres

The Lapp family farm is located in the Belmont area of Wisconsin, within a small Amish enclave. This farm is part of the Belmont group of producers.  Shady Maple is an organic certified farm utilizing field and greenhouse production methods. This updated Amish family farm has a cooler and packing area, as well as a dock for trucking needs. Slicing tomatoes, Bell peppers, and melons are the crops grown primarily for wholesale on this 2 acre farm.

Creek Farm Enterprises

The King family farm is located in the Darlington area of Wisconsin, within a small Amish enclave. This farm is part of the Belmont group of producers.  Creek Farm is a field production farm specializing in watermelons and autumn crops. Brussel sprouts and Daikon radish are grown on two ridge tops which surround the farm. Watermelons are grown in the valley between the ridges. Creek Farm boasts a new pack house facility and wholesales produce exclusively through Fifth Season Co-op.

Rolling Acres Farm

The Lapp family farm is located in the Belmont area of Wisconsin, within a small Amish enclave. Shady Maple Acres and Rolling Acres are connected; run by the Lapp brothers. This farm is part of the Belmont group of producers.  Rolling Acres Farm is a field production farm specializing in watermelons, cucumbers, and tomatoes. The farm is nestled in a valley basin. Samuel, though new to the produce wholesaling market, has made great strides in planting warm weather crops for the co-op. Rolling Acres Farm boasts a new pack house facility and cooler, and wholesales produce exclusively through Fifth Season Co-op.

Ecker’s Apple Farm

Ecker’s Apple Farm is a family owned and operated business in Trempealeau, Wisconsin. The orchards boast 25 varieties of apples with an expansive range of tastes, textures and subtle flavors. Every year our crop is grown using integrated pest management, reduced risk chemistries, and crop ecology techniques, thus with conscious thought to people and the environment. Come visit the farm, pick your own apples in the apple orchards, stop in to the retail store for locally produced specialty foods, Wisconsin apples, gourmet caramel, and our famous caramel apple pies made right here at Ecker’s Apple Farm!

Marshview Farm LLC

Marshview Farm is a family-owned business, located in the beautiful Wisconsin River valley in southwest Crawford County, WI. Bruce & Jane Zinkle have over 25 years of experience in growing & marketing fresh, organically grown produce. With a specialty in asparagus (presently 4 acres in production) Marshview Farm has been a member of the Dane County Farmers’ Market (the premier farmers’ market in the U. S.) Since 1991. We believe that sustainable, organic production methods, with special attention to soil fertility, timely harvesting, and consistent post-harvest handling procedures make all the difference when it comes to the appearance, flavor, and shelf-life of our produce.

Coloma Farms

Coloma Farms is a study of innovation and tradition; a 2,700-acre sustainable farm run by third and fourth generation growers, Steve and Andy Diercks. Steve grew up on a potato farm near Antigo, Wisconsin. He moved with his father, Robert, to the Central Sands Plains region in Coloma, Wisconsin, where they developed a great working relationship with the University of Wisconsin (UW) potato researchers — part of the first stages leading to the development of Healthy Grown®. Steve and Andy were involved from the beginning and much of the research done on their farm was integral to the establishment of the Healthy Grown standards.

More Producers

Pine Knob Asparagus, Viroqua WI
Slabaugh Brothers Family Farms LLC, Viroqua WI
R&R Farm, Cashton WI
Never Settle Farm LLC, Westby, WI
C&M Family Farms, La Farge WI
Countryside Produce, Westby WI
Hillside Farming, La Farge WI
Heirloom Acres, Viola WI
Hidden View Produce, Fennimore WI
Spring Valley Produce, Westby WI
Mullet Family Farm Cashton, WI

Our Processors

Westby Co-op Creamery

Westby Cooperative Creamery is unique in many ways, with one distinction being the milk that our patron-members produce. Some of our members produce r-BST-free milk* and others produce certified-organic milk. From these two milk sources our creamery has the flexibility and creativity to produce dairy-food products that meet the needs of a diverse and changing food industry marketplace. When you take home Westby brand products from your local grocery store, or trust us with manufacturing your private label brand products, or purchase our products as ingredients in the foods you manufacture, or specify Westby brand products for your school cafeteria, hospital or restaurant menu, you will – Take home country goodness!

RP’s Pasta

RP’s Pasta products are made with the finest all-natural ingredients, an appreciation for Old World culinary traditions, and most importantly, a love for food. From our Fresh Egg Fettuccine to our Pumpkin Tortelloni to our Pasta Sauces, Master Pasta Maker Peter Robertson holds quality and flavor to the highest regard in every batch. RP’s Pasta uses a meticulous hand-rolled process producing the highest quality pasta for restaurants and grocery stores. Our labor intensive hand-rolled process is the best way to produce pasta with true “al’Dente” texture. We feel that our artisan handmade process is the only way to determine when the dough is ready to be cut into our delicate fine pasta. In addition to traditional flat noodles, RP’s offers an array of Ravioli and Tortelloni filled with quality Wisconsin made cheeses and Wisconsin grown vegetables.

Maple Valley Cooperative

Maple Valley, a pioneer in organic and fair practices for maple production, became a cooperative in 2007 and continues to produce 100% pure and organically produced maple products. This means not only offering you a non-artificial, additive and preservative free product with NO FORMALDEHYDE, but also bringing you a socially responsible commodity. Great effort has gone into selecting responsible, organically certified woodland farmers whose standards represent stewardship to the environment and our planet.

JRS Country Acres

JRS Country Acres is an independently owned Wisconsin family farm.  JRS Country Acres proudly produces cage free, vegetarian fed brown eggs.  Over the last eight years we have expanded our operations to keep up with consumer demand for local food. Throughout the evolution of our business we have established a loyal consumer base; many of these consumers have been with us since the beginning! When we see you, ask us about the haunted “706” tractor. We think every farm should have one!

Sno Pac Foods

Sno Pac Foods, a family owned and operated organic farm and processing plant, began around 1900. J.P. Gengler started a lumber business. In addition to the lumber business, ice was harvested off a nearby spring fed pond, stored in huge ice houses and shipped to the South by rail during the summer.

When mechanical refrigeration became available, Leonard Gengler built a locker plant where townspeople and local farmers could rent freezer space to store their food. Leonard also purchased a farm and started raising strawberries, gooseberries, and vegetables which he processed and froze at his plant. Leonard always farmed organically, using natural products to sustain his land, compost, lime, and green sand along with good rotation and soil conservation practices.

Demand grew for his fruits and vegetables. He supplied these regionally to consumers in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. Today, our family continues to bring our Organic Vegetables to your family in the same tradition.

Haas Brothers Foods

Eric and Aaron Haas grew up in the Chippewa Valley and both have many years of experience in the food service industry. While preparing to cater a wedding, Eric needed to make a fresh salsa for an appetizer. He created a recipe that today is known as “original mild.” From there, he experimented and produced three other salsa varieties.
To complement the salsa, Eric and Aaron decided to also make fresh corn tortilla chips and three hummus flavors–all made with natural ingredients. Eric and Aaron established Haas Brothers and made their product debut at the Eau Claire Farmers Market in May 2010.