We proudly support local & regional producers & processors.

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Our Producers 

Harmony Valley Farm

Harmony Valley prides itself in growing the finest, high quality organic produce. Beyond that, our repertoire includes some very special and unique crops and varieties. We often find ourselves in the position of introducing a variety to our customers for the first time. Harmony Valley is a family owned, diversified farm with over 30 years of experience producing high quality, organic vegetables and berries. We are located in an isolated valley in southwestern Wisconsin. Our vegetables are grown and harvested with care and immediately cooled and kept refrigerated. All of our products are certified by the Midwest Organic Services Association. This is your assurance of high quality, nutritious, flavorful food produced in a system which does not compromise the farmers or the environment.  Our crops encompass a wide variety of standard and specialty vegetables and berries. We are best known for our season long, high quality salad mix, sauté greens and spinach. We are dedicated to organic farming and believe strongly that it produces the highest quality, best tasting food while protecting the quality of our water and wildlife.

Kickapoo Beans & Greens

Hugh Harper and his wife have been cultivating asparagus since 2008. Their asparagus fields sit atop the rolling hills of the Kickapoo basin in Readstown, Wisconsin.  “I love growing such a delicious, hearty vegetable.” says Hugh, “it’s a reward in and of itself.”  Kickapoo Beans and Greens use no chemicals in their growing process, and believe in sustainable methods of production. Their asparagus patch has grown to 19,000 crowns over four years’ time. “And we’re not done yet!” says seventy year-old Hugh.