Help us grow

To support the growth of the Fifth Season Cooperative, we are raising capital through the sale of our Class B Series 1 Preferred Stock.

What is Class B Series 1 Stock?
The Board of Directors created Class B Series 1 stock to raise capital for the Co-op. The minimum investment is $500, which is 20 shares of Class B Series 1 stock. Each share has a par value of $25 and an annual dividend of 5%. At this time, this investment opportunity is available to Wisconsin residents only. Class B Series 1 stock redemption is at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

What does all this mean?
Each share has a monetary value, or par value, of $25. Each year, shareholders either receive a payment or earn stock shares equal to 5% of their total investment. For example, a $500 investment in Class B Series 1 stock earns $25 the first year. Investors may choose to reinvest their dividends in the form of more stock. This means that in the following years, the 5% is calculated on more money. For example:

Year 1: $500 x 5% = $25
Year 2: $525 x 5% = $26.25
Year 3: $551.25 x 5% = $27.56
Year 4: $578.81 x 5% = $28.94

And so on…

Why invest?
This is a great opportunity to make an investment in a local, sustainable, community-minded business. The Co-op uses your money to grow and to increase the services it provides to our region.

How do I invest?
To purchase stock or learn more about investing in Fifth Season Cooperative, please call 608.638.COOP (2667) or e-mail