Beyond farmers markets and CSAs

Every purchase of a local Fifth Season product supports food diversity, fair wages and assures that no one stands alone in the local food marketplace.

Fifth Season Cooperative:

  • Provides markets to small farmers – beyond farmer’s markets and CSA’s
  • Provides access to markets for small farmers with unique and heirloom produce – thereby, revitalizing food diversity
  • Provides liability insurance to farmers and processors who could rarely obtain it on their own
  • Provides GAP and HACCP training as well as audits for all farmer and processor members
  • Continually expands into new markets for local food.

Interest in and sales of sustainable, local food continues to grow and Fifth Season will respond with the launch of branded products into new markets, such as retail, in 2015. Consider joining us as a producer, processor, distributor or buyer.


Single Producer Member Application – Farms, honey and Syrup producers etc.

Producer Group Member Application – Aggregators of produce and related products

Processor Member Application – Businesses that process value added foods locally such as pasta, salsa, cheese etc.

Distributor Member Application – Businesses that distribute local foods such as Reinhart

Class A Buyer Member Application – Anyone who uses local Fifth Season Produce or Products that would like to be involved with helping the Co-op grow and succeed!